Homemade Almond Milk

As most of my close friends know, i have a love for homemade almond milk.  I love the creaminess, nutty flavor far better than store bought almond milk (and much healthier too!).  Almond milk is a great non dairy, soy-free alternative to cows milk.  Almond Milk is loaded with nutrients like vitamin E, dietary fibers, omega 3 fatty acids and proteins.  I consider almond milk a “superfood” because of its impressive nutrient profile.   Due to the high protein almond milk will keep you fuller for longer, and because its rich in manganese it will help strengthen bones and regulate blood sugar.

I make almond milk every week and keep it in an air tight container (grolsch bottle).  Its so easy to make and takes minutes!  Next time you are in the store ready to buy store bought almond milk, or ready to reduce dairy from your diet, try this easy recipe.  You won’t be disappointed!

1 cup raw almonds
2 cups water, (not including extra for soaking)
Optional - to add sweetness to milk - dates, agave, vanilla extract, maple sryup

Soak almonds 6-24 hours in a covered bowl. Soaking almonds help release all the wonderful nutrients more easily.
Drain almonds, and rinse well.
Place almonds in a high speed blender (vitamix recommended)
Add 2 cups of water
Blend on high until almonds are finely ground (approximately 2 minutes in a high speed blender, 4 minutes in conventional)
Add dates, vanilla etc for sweetness during blending

Drain mixture in strainer, cheesecloth, nutbag etc.

Pour in grolsch bottle (or airtight bottle)


Add to cereals, smoothies, coffee, pancakes…you name it!

I'm nuts about it!