You Got To Be In It To Win It

We’ve all heard how important exercise is – keeping active is essential if we want to live healthy lives, we know that.  But let’s face it: eating healthy and working out isn’t always fun, right?  Even though I’m a health coach and preach about fitness and eating healthy, I sometimes have a tough time motivating myself to get my butt to the gym.  So I’m always trying to find ways to make my workouts more enjoyable.

 Whether you’re marathon trainer, a couch potato, or somewhere in between, here are some guaranteed tips to ignite that fire and get you out there (and keep you out there) exercising:

 Change is good!

Is that same workout getting you down?  Mixing up our workouts not only helps with boredom, it’s actually important for lasting results!  When we perform the same activity over and over, our bodies begin to adapt.  This can make the exercise easier, but, as a result, we’re actually burning fewer calories than we did at the beginning.  We’re plateauing!  To avoid this and stay more engaged in our workouts, I recommend trying different kinds of exercises. There are so many ways to break a sweat – strength training, yoga, dance, running, swimming, biking: the options are endless, so enjoy them!

Phone A Friend

You’re meeting your bestie for lunch anyway, so instead of catching up over a meal, why not catch up while working out together?  Working out with a buddy is supportive and helps holds each of us accountable.  We’re all more likely to show up to a workout when we know we’re meeting a friend than when we go at it alone.  Plus it’s actually more fun! 

 Also this:  if you’re the competitive type  (you know who you are!), a bet with your pal to see who can be the first to achieve a fitness goal can push you to that finish line.  Just make sure the prize is a good one!

 Gear up!

Everyone feels good when they look good!  I don’t know about you, but when I buy something new, I can’t wait to wear it.  And, if it happens to be workout gear, I’m that much more excited to put it on – and get that workout in!  Investing in new, flattering workout gear not only helps boost our confidence, it also helps give us that extra boost when we go to the gym!

 Set goals!

Weight loss goals are great, but fitness goals can be fun and motivating! For example, you can set distance goals for running, the amount of weight we lift, how long we can hold a plank, or how many push ups and pull-ups we can do.  Record your progress and have your workout buddy hold you accountable (there’s that word again!).  For me, setting goals pushes me out of my comfort zone.  And when we’re out of our comfort zone, we start seeing results!

 Let the Music – and Podcasts and Books – Play On!

I don’t know how people can work out without listening to music.  There have been studies done on the positive effects of listening to music while we exercise.  Music increases our sense of motivation and also creates a distraction: listening to our favorite songs makes us less aware of the crunches we’re doing!  So take a minute to create the perfect playlist for your workout. 

 Another great distraction is listening to books on tape or podcasts.  There are tons of interesting podcasts out there on a myriad of subjects.  Listening to something we love – whether music, a book on tape, or a podcast – gets us motivated and moving!  What’s your favorite song to work out to?  Right now mine is the soundtrack to “Hamilton" - slightly obsessed.

 Teamwork makes the dream work!

When we know there’s a group of people counting on us, we’re more likely to show up than blow them off, right?  Group fitness and team sports are also a fun way to exercise and make new friends.  Sports are great because we’re distracted from the fact that we’re actually getting a great workout.  Join a sports league or a running or walking club – and if you aren’t finding anything interesting?  Create your own! 

 Social Butterfly

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat:  posting our goals and updating our followers on our progress is a great way to hold ourselves accountable.  When our friends on all our social media platforms are following our progress, we’ll be much more motivated to achieve our goals!  And social media has great tips and blogs.  Follow your favorite celebrity trainer, chef, or health coach  for inspiration and ideas for fitness, recipes and all over healthy living!

 See you at the gym!