Eating For Energy!

We all know food is energy – our bodies need fuel to run. But one mistake we make when trying to acquire energy is too often what we use as fuel.

Imagine what life would be like with an abundance of energy and vitality – the foodswe choose to eat and the life style choices we make can insure we have this in our lives!

I’ve done some research and below are my personal favorites for ways to recharge our bodies and get that zing back into life:


1.     Drink Water! I know you hear this a lot, but the truth is most of us are chronically dehydrated.  So before reaching for that cup of coffee or diet coke, have a glass of water and wait to see what happens.  I guarantee you’ll feel more energized!


2.     Eat your veggies!  OK, it’s not rocket science, but know this:  greens are loaded with vitamins and nutrients.  They improve circulation, strengthen our immune system, purify our blood and – wait for it – lift our sprits!  So instead of reaching for that slice of pizza when you’re feeling sluggish, make a yummy green salad and celebrate that spring – a glorious time of renewal and refreshment – is at last in the air!


3.     Put down that coffee cup! Caffeine contributes to dehydration and fluctuations in blood sugar, which can lead to crankiness and – counter-intuitively, I know – a lack of steam (which, c’mon, is why we’re slugging it down in the first place!).


4.     Lets get physical!  Simple activities like walking to work instead of riding and taking the stairs instead of the elevator will contribute to an increased energy level all day long.


5.     Indulge in healthy sweets!  Sounds like an oxymoron, but healthy sweets are out there and they’re great.  I’m not talking about artificial sweeteners – forget those.  But if you have a sweet tooth, use gentle sweeteners like maple syrup, brown rice syrup, or stevia.  And try eating sweet veggies like carrots, beets or yams.


6.     Rest!  When we’re tired or stressed our body craves energy. This is often a result of a lack of sleep, going to bed late, or waking up too early on a regular basis.  Try getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night – it can increase your energy 10-fold!


7.     Keep track of animal protein.  Eating too much – or not enough – meat, chicken, dairy, and eggs can affect our energy level. Be open to experimenting what works for you and, above all, respect your body’s individuality!


8.     Get Spiritual!  We’re all essentially spiritual beings, so look for ways to get in touch with your spiritual core.  Whether through meditating, yoga, painting, going to your favorite place of worship, or just being in nature, the results are tangible – and rejuvenating.  Namaste!


9.     Take care of you! With our busy lives, many of us put ourselves at the bottom of the list. Well, we’re no good to anyone else if we can’t keep ourselves healthy!  Explore activities you enjoy that help restore your energy.  Maybe it’s going for a walk, or taking a bath, maybe it’s going to a movie or lying in a hammock!  Whatever it is, try to schedule a date with yourself weekly – we know you deserve it.


10.  Lose those toxic relationships! We’re all sadly familiar with this one.  Some people just drain our energy (you thought of someone just now, didn’t you?).  So let’s try transforming those toxic relationships by communicating better, setting boundaries, or… just ending them!

if you find yourself struggling to get going in the morning, or if you tend to hit a wall of exhaustion in the afternoon, try some of these tips.  I promise they’ll have a profound effect on your energy levels, your moods, and your productivity.


Let me know how you are doing.  I would love to hear from you!